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About Us



At Sutherland Shire Naturopathic Clinic we are committed to providing you with the best natural health care available and our team of highly qualified practitioners and friendly reception staff have been hand-picked to continue this tradition. Your return to feeling well and staying well is extremely important to us. SSNC’s unique value proposition is that our highly experienced and fully qualified practitioners have a wealth of knowledge in treating the many kinds of health concerns that present at our clinic, and will be completely focused towards returning you to health and wellbeing.

Tracie Acheson ND started the clinic in the late 1980s at a time when very little was known about natural therapies. Since then she has built the clinic into a highly respected naturopathic clinic with several highly experienced degree and diploma qualified practitioners.

Through years of dedicated service to the people of Sydney, the staff at Sutherland Shire Naturopathic Clinic (SSNC) are proud to announce that Tracie and the clinic have been awarded the outstanding distinction of being one of the top five ‘Best Natural Therapy Clinics’ in Sydney by the Sydney Morning Herald “Good Weekend” Magazine. We are also honoured and thrilled to have won ‘Most Outstanding Specialised Business’ in the St George and Sutherland Shire Local Business Awards. We also boast that we were the only natural therapies clinic to be nominated for these awards.

Start your journey back to health and vitality by contacting our friendly reception staff today to arrange a consultation time to suit you.


During your consultation, Tracie or one of her experienced and highly qualified naturopathic team will ask you to share with them your health concerns. We will then ask questions to ascertain the health of your body. We will be sure to develop a personalised program that is tailored to your needs. Your first consultations will be about alleviating your symptoms, and after making you feel more comfortable we will develop a program to also deal with the underlying cause of your body’s imbalance. We may recommend some tests that will further identify your health concern be it a test to ascertain the health of your digestion, a food intolerance test, some blood tests or one of our other tests that we have available.

All along the way we will explain why we recommend our approach and together we will work towards returning you to health and wellbeing! Along with any natural remedies you may need, our consultations include dietary guidance specific to your health and lifestyle recommendations.

Just some of the services we offer:

* Naturopathy

* Natural fertility management

* Herbal medicine

* Nutrition guidance

* Homoeopathy

* Bush and Bach Flower Remedies

* Iridology

* Hair mineral analysis

* pH testing

* Food intolerance testing

* Zinc testingnaturally-text-2


At the clinic it is common for us to receive little thank you notes from appreciative clients. It is a wonderful feeling to know we have helped someone and made their lives better.

“I first saw Tracie for my Thyroid, low blood sugar and hormonal imbalances. After many years of seeing my family doctor as well as an Endocrinologist and not feeling any better, I decided it was time to seek other help. I was referred to Tracie by a very good friend of mine who had been seeing her for many years for various health concerns. After my initial visit, within 3 days I was already feeling healthier and balanced. For my 2 week follow up visit I felt completely in harmony within my body. I want to extend a very big thank you to Tracie and her team for doing such a fantastic job! It is nice to know that we can rely on natural ways to combat body imbalances naturally.”vivien