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Health Testing

At Sutherland Shire Naturopathic Clinic we utilise a number of simple but highly accurate tests to assist us with guiding your body back to balance. Some tests are performed in the clinic at a time suitable for you and some require to be sent to specialised Pathology Labs. Take a look below to learn more about just some of the testing that we have available at our clinic.

Food Intolerances TestPositive resultsWhiteBkgd

Food Detective:  Just a drop of blood from a finger can help us identify the IgG food intolerances that have made you feel unwell for years. 

Using a scientific pathology test that is 98 – 100% accurate we are able to identify 59 different food intolerances.

By incorporating adjustments to your diet, removal or reduction of these aggravating foods and a soothing repair program to your digestive system, you can feel free of the pain and discomfort that has plagued you for years. This restores energy and vitality that will have you feeling brand new in no time.

Blood Type Testing

Eat Right For Your Blood Type: Latest scientific research has shown that eating the foods that are compatible with your blood type can improve your health and vitality and reduce illness and disease.  Many people don’t know what blood type they are. 

A simple drop of blood from the finger can show us what blood type you are and return you to wellness in no time.

Hair Mineral Analysis

With just a snippet of hair from your head, a laboratory can tell us about your mineral imbalances, heavy metal status and many other details about your health and well-being.

Using this information and preparing a program personalised to you and the results from your Hair Mineral Analysis can have you feeling the best you have felt in years!

Indican Testing

Indican Test

A first morning urine sample put through a simple in-clinic test, can show us the health of your digestive system.  A healthy gut is far more important than just feeling comfortable in the tummy.   If it is healthy, baby immune cells develop in our small intestine and as 70% of our immune system is born in our digestive system,  it is paramount to have our digestive systems healthy and operating optimally.     

If our digestion is out of balance we may find ourselves struggling with immune problems, feeling unwell, digestive pain and many other more unpleasant health concerns.

Our digestive system is the core of our body’s well-being. This simple test can show us the status of your digestive system so that we can help return you to optimum health!

pH Testing

Our body is always striving for a state of balance known as homeostasis.  Stress and lifestyle often make our body too acidic, often throwing our system out of balance.  Our body tries to correct this acidity by releasing calcium from the bones, placing it into circulation in an attempt to buffer this acidity.  After years of acidity we may find ourselves developing Osteopaenia or Osteoporosis amongst other health concerns.  Alkalising our system and returning it to ideal balance can make us feel brand new on so many levels. 

Let one of our team of caring, highly qualified practitioners get your pH back into ideal range!

2-16 Oestrogen Metabolite Testing

With the increased incidence of breast cancer, this test is very important to those who have either a familial history of breast cancer, or are over 40 and at a higher risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer.  This test is conducted in a pathology laboratory and can identify how your body is processing your oestrogen, and whether you are heading towards an increased risk.  Identifying the ratio between your 2 and 16 oestrogen metabolites can greatly reduce the risk of developing these illnesses.  We have an excellent success rate in correcting your ratios towards safer levels.

Zinc Testing

Zinc is one of the most utilised minerals in the body. It is responsible for thousands of metabolic processes and  is instrumental in the wellness of your body’s cells and immunity.

A simple in-clinic test can determine the status of your zinc levels, allowing us to return you to your ideal range.  This ensures that your body and immune system are working optimally.

Other tests for your wellbeing are also available.  The correct testing procedure can be ascertained and discussed with you at your next naturopathic consultation.

At the clinic it is common for us to receive little thank you notes from appreciative clients. It is a wonderful feeling to know we have helped someone and made their lives better.

“I have been a client of Tracie’s at the Sutherland Shire Naturopathic Clinic for quite a few years.  During my consultations with Tracie,  I have had  Iridology, an Indican Urinary Analysis and pH test to assess the health of my digestive and immune systems. Tracie personalised programs for me, I commenced treatment and have never looked back. It was picked up that my liver and kidneys weren’t working the way they should be.  Tracie corrected the imbalances with her wonderfully healthy natural remedies. Using Iridology, she even picked up my pain and straining from a previous injury which was very impressive and has now been relieved. From Iridology to just my normal check ups, Tracie has really helped me with the knowledge and many years of experience  she carries within this field, I couldn’t imagine how my body would be from the inside out if I didn’t have Tracie on my side. I thank her from the bottom of my heart as I am a completely different and healthy young woman again. “