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A blast from the past

10 July 2019

From time to time I have shared messages from appreciative clients. Only a few days ago I got this email, I was so humbled to receive this note and thought it would be nice to share it with you.

I do remember this man, he was always a delight when he came into the clinic and it was so lovely to hear from him again after so long.

Hi Tracie,

This is a blast from the past!

I was looking through the Sutherland Shire website and found your site. You probably don’t remember me but you helped me a lot back in 1991 when I came to you for assistance after having a major heart attack and had a stent installed into my heart which was really a pioneer procedure at that time. I couldn’t lift my arms above my shoulders and with your help my recovery was successful. You treated me for a long time after then which I always looked forward too.

Good to see that you have been successful with your clinic, you have worked hard and deserve your success. Thanking you once again and all the best in the future.


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