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How to Combat the Cooler Weather’s Colds and Flu

23 April 2014

With the change of season upon us, the likelihood of cold and flu epidemics will increase. What is happening in the body is a general reduction in our ability to fight off these respiratory infections that seem to consider us easy prey. Our immune systems just don’t seem to be able to do their jobs properly.

Woman Blowing NoseThis is due to many factors, stress being one and a less than ideal lifestyle being another. But primarily it can be due to a lack of proper nutritional food intake. I am referring to the types of foods that will supply our body with nutrients to keep our immune system strong.

A problem that we often treat is a stubborn, tight cough that just won’t go away. At the clinic we have many wonderful herbs and formulas available that can relax a tight cough and resolve a wet and muscousy cough efficiently.

One very effective and safe herb for the immune system is Echinacea. This is one of the leading remedies to aid these problems, because it has an amazing ability to support and stimulate the natural soldiers in our immune system. It is a “Blood Purifier” and works at many levels enabling the body to raise its natural resistance. Before taking any treatment please note that certain types of Echinacea are more effective than others and it is important that the correct part of the plant is used.

Vitamin C and Zinc are very important additions to our daily regime. They have the ability to fight infection, but also can support the Adrenal glands, a part of our body that can become quite exhausted from the constant demands of rushing around and meeting deadlines. A hectic lifestyle contributes to the onset of a cold and flu.

Man SneezingGarlic is known for its antibiotic properties. Vitamins like Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A also play an important role in maintaining the integrity of our mucous membrane lining, particularly the linings of the respiratory tract. Orange vegetables and carrot juice are a good support when colds are hanging around.

Golden Seal is another one of nature’s natural antibiotics and also has a beautiful effect of calming and settling all those inflamed mucous membranes whilst Eyebright is appropriate for every condition of the Upper Respiratory System i.e. Glue ear, Sinusitis and watery allergic conditions known as Hay-fever and Rhinitis.

Herbs that can sooth a harsh, painful cough include Mullein, Pleurisy root and Thyme.

In summary, the best lifestyle changes for a good Immune System include eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, having a reduced intake of fast and high fat foods, keeping yourself physically active, maintaining healthy stress levels and perhaps some assistance from herbal and nutritional supplements.

Call the clinic today on 9545 2992 to make an appointment with Tracie or Kate to ensure your system is in good shape for the colder weather approaching.

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