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Get them the gift of health and wellbeing this Christmas

24 November 2015

A Naturopathic Gift Certificate may be the most thoughtful present that you could give this year!


The festive season is a time for giving. Many of us face an annual dilemma about what we would like to give our friends and family for Christmas.

If you have friends and family who are not well or express how tired and run down they feel, this is the perfect opportunity to get them a Naturopathic Consultation Gift Certificate for Christmas.

A consultation can simply consist of lifestyle and wellness guidance about what foods will suit your loved ones, lifestyle tips and a good ear to hear about their health concerns, or they may require more comprehensive dietary guidance and protocols to treat established ill health that may be causing unpleasant symptoms or discomfort.

Just Pop in or call the clinic to get your Christmas Gift Certificates. If it is tricky for you to get to the clinic, we can organise your certificates over the phone and mail them to you. It’s that easy!

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