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Succeeding with your health goals this spring!

5 November 2018


Making change of any kind can at times be challenging. Here are our ten top tips to help take the stress out of things as you get more familiar with your unique naturopathic program.

  1. Start today to work towards your health goals.
  2. Small steps are crucial to our success; they can make change possible. Choose one aspect of your plan or a habit that you would like to change. Keep it simple, introduce one change into your daily routine. With each day the new behaviours will become easier and with time will be automatic.
  3. Planning ahead takes the stress out. Plan your meals in advance, this helps to keep you on track. Plan meals 4–5 days ahead. Planning can save you money as well.
  4. Eating seasonally means we are getting the maximum nutrient value from foods. Eating what’s locally available supports the environment and save us money.
  5. Enjoy a mixed varied diet, choosing foods of all the different colours. This ensures you are receiving vitamins and nutrients you need for optimal health. Also eat slowly and savour every mouthful.
  6. Keep hydrated, every cell in our body needs water. Aim to drink approximately 8 glasses of water daily, preferably filtered, and when exercising or on hot humid days remember to drink water regularly.
  7. Endeavour not to consume drinks with meals. Try to keep your fluid consumption to no less then ½ hour before and 1 hour after meals. Sips are okay.
  8. Exercise is good for you. Regular 40-45 mins sessions 3 times per week improves your physical and emotional health, improves sleep and mood.
  9. Look for success, talk with us about what you can expect, set small realistic goals that are measurable for example get back into exercising three times per week.
  10. Seek support if things feel overwhelming or if you have any concerns please talk with us. We are here to support you; we work with you to ensure you reach your health goals and feel fabulous!

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