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Sleep Better – Sugar Less

19 June 2019

Surprisingly, sleep and low energy go hand in hand.

Sleep gives your body a chance to repair itself and restore all your systems, including blood sugar regulation. That is why good sleep is essential for weight loss and general wellbeing.

But your energy levels in relation to sleep go far beyond hitting the pillow an hour earlier (although that might be a great idea!)

Whenever you can, before going to bed cut back on sugars to avoid a spike in blood glucose.

Foods like cakes, lollies, chocolates and alcohol are obvious offenders, but added sugar can creep in when you least expect it. It is always better to stick to whole foods where possible. Where it’s not, be sure to always check the nutrition label for added sugars.

These may also go under the pseudonym of fructose, corn syrup and sucrose. Packet foods are notorious for adding hidden sugars. You will always have a more peaceful sleep when you have a light nourishing plant based dinner with a small serve of lean quality protein.

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