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Why Aren’t You Falling Pregnant?

9 March 2013
PregnantMore and more people are finding it difficult to conceive a baby. This may be due to hormone disruption resulting from lifestyle and less than ideal nutrition. Research shows that many of us are not receiving the optimum levels of nutrients for healthy conception.
Not only is it important to consider what we are taking in, we must also consider factors that increase the excretion and utilisation of nutrients.Stress, toxic load and nutrient deficiencies may cause ovulation problems. Due to our fast-paced lifestyles, we grab quick-to-eat foods that lack the certain vitamins and minerals required to pass healthy hormone messages through the body.Conception involves both male and female partners equally. That is why it is so important that both of you are at optimum health at the time of conception and are producing healthy sperm and eggs to give your child the best possible start at life. Vitality and wellness will ensure you are laying down the ideal structure of your child’s health and constitutional strength that will lead your baby into healthy adulthood.Tracie Acheson ND has been helping couples conceive for over twenty years. She will provide a personalised healthy conception plan which corrects any health concerns, deficiencies and imbalances to ensure your hormones are communicating optimally. The program will also include lifestyle and dietary changes to ensure an ideal conception and pregnancy and a healthy, alert and happy baby!

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