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Fighting Viruses Naturally

22 June 2018



It is predicted that this year is going to be a bumper season for colds and flu. Some people find that the flu vaccine affects their system and they prefer natural approaches when boosting their immune system.

At the Clinic we have effective prevention protocols and reliable treatments and approaches to deal with bacterial and viral infections. We have remedies that will fight bacteria and viruses as well as herbs and nutrients to reduce mucous, fatigue, aches, pains and other uncomfortable symptoms that these winter gremlins cause!

One of the most effective remedies we have is “EB Antiviral”. This remedy is one of our herbal liquids which is quickly absorbed into your system. Unlike other herbal remedies, the flavour of this liquid is a quite pleasant berry taste and is easily squirted directly into the mouth.

EB Antiviral can be used acutely for a viral infection and prophylactically to keep viruses away throughout the cooler months. It can also be added to general immune formulas personalised to you during a consultation at the clinic.

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