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Five Ways to Manage Stress

22 June 2011
  1. StressedGet Adequate Sleep – minimum 8 hours a night
    • During sleep our bodies go into restoration mode. There is a release of certain chemicals in our body to revive the nervous system and health of the immune system so we are more resistant to stress and disease.
  2. Optimal Hydration
    • The fluid in our bodies allow for all the chemical and biological process to occur including energy production and muscle function. It is also essential for elimination of wastes from the body.
    • Keep an eye on tea and coffee consumption as this actually dehydrate you,  clean, filtered, pure water is best!
  3. Regular Exercise
    • Exercise promotes blood flow through the body which supplies oxygen and nutrients to all body cells for tissue health and releases tension stored in the body. It also increases endorphins which make you feel happy. Balanced, regular exercise is your best happy pill!
  4. Diet
    • Sources of essential fatty acids such as fish, flax seed oil, nuts and avocado improves cell membrane health and function of the brain.   We have  great omega 3 essential fatty acid supplements available at the clinic.  Meta Pure EPA/DHA is a fish oil supplement that is more than double strength so you don’t  have to take as many capsules.  It also has been put through a special purifying process that keeps the quality perfect but  ensures you don’t receive the heavy metal contamination that is possible in other brands.
    • Antioxidants found in berries, green tea, fresh fruits and vegetables, protect cells and tissues against the damaging effects of stress.
    • The B Vitamins are essential for carbohydrate metabolism, energy production and healthy nerve tissue.  We  have Vitamin B supplements available at the clinic suitable for men, women and children.  Tresos B Pluse is great at 1 per day for everyone and Womens Essentials is great for busy women with a lot going on in their lives.  It also contains a stress component to further support our nervous systems.
    • Magnesium relaxes muscles and the nervous system.   With our busy lifestyles our body tends to use a lot of magnesium.   Magnesium keeps tension out of our muscles and tissues and supports our blood sugars and stress.   Mag Bio complex is a great tablet option and Fibroplex plus is a great tropical flavoured powdered option.
    • Potassium energizes and strengthens muscles and nerve function.
    • It is important to avoid saturated fats (‘bad’ fats) as they cause oxidation and deterioration of tissue and cells.  A diet high in quality protein like fish, along with salads and veggies is a great way to keep healthy.
  5. Meditation
    • Re-establishes harmony in the body by reducing the excessive bombardment of all the external information on the nervous system and the brain.
    • Brings us back to reality and helps us let go of the little things.
    • Also Massage, Thai Chi and yoga are great stress relievers.  Ask our receptionist for information on our heavenly massages.  They are tailored to your needs and we use soothing warm towels in the cooler months so that you will be warm and cosy during your massage.

Tracie and her colleagues at the clinic, have a number of very safe and effective herbal remedies in tablet and liquid form that can help you with your stress.   We have herbs that help your body systems that are under pressure and remedies to settled jangled nerves as well as feelings of lowness.  If you are very exhausted we also have wonderful remedies to raise your energy levels and vitality.

Book an appointment today by calling 02 9545 2992 and get back to feeling calm, energized and brand new!

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